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All occurrences in the cosmos arise from nothingness, which is also where all things end up. Born from nothingness and, via death, return to nothingness. We come to this world alone and keep moving forward in a future full of unknowns. Amidst the goals and norms that society and we have set for ourselves, what is the most precious? Is that the effort? Is that the outcome or the process? The answer should be YOU. Face your shortcomings, love, and make peace with yourself since you are the most valuable person.

The character keeps walking and represents it is the life that we keep moving on. The hands are all depictions of the things around you, the wealth, rules and boundaries, etc. Near the end, another self with the characteristics you are escaping emerges from the top. You look at each other and then shake hands. Eventually, you make peace with yourself when you do it.

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